My Top Tanning Products

These are the tanning products I tend to use most, I am very pale and don't really tan much unless I go somewhere really hot, I don't go anywhere really hot so I tend to fake my tan most of the time. I've split these products into four categories so I'll get started.

Instant Tans
These are the kind of product which are great for if you don't want to wear a tan that develops over time, they give you instant colour. There also great if you're going out last minute and don't have time to do a proper tan, they give you streak free colour and a nice sheen and glow to the skin.

The first one I have to share with you is the Soap and Glory One Night Tanned Instant Beach-Bronze Buttergel (here). These company's really need to come up with some shorter names for their products! It's like a gel cream in texture and gives you a lovely golden tan, it is much more orangey in tone than the one I'll show you in a moment but by no means makes you look like an Umpah Lumpah because that is never a good look! It has a lovely coconut scent which is different to the other Soap and Glory scents I've tried and makes your skin feel very soft but the texture of the cream is so light it doesn't feel like you have any moisturiser on at all, it just gives you that gorgeous just been on holiday glow.

This is the St. Tropez wash off instant glow body lotion (here). I think I have the old packaging for this as the one I have is different to the one on the website. I actually prefer this packaging though as it just looks more sleek and high end looking than the other one. This tan gives you a much more olive toned tan to the soap and glory one, so I suppose it looks a lot more natural on most people. It can look a bit funny whilst applying it, I was a bit worried when I first applied it because it looked pretty green, but when its all blended in it does give a beautiful tanned look to the skin. I like to apply it over a developing tan for a top up, but I've not tried it properly on untanned skin so I'm not sure if it may be a little to dark but the do do a light tan for pale skin, so if you are very fair it might be worth giving that one a go instead. This one has a lovely sweet floral scent but is not in any way overpowering and has a slight shimmer to it so gives you that healthy sheen to the skin.

Colour Guide Tans
These are my favourite kind of tans, I also think they are the easiest to apply as you can see where you have applied it so you don't wake up in the morning with embarrassing streaking marks all over your body! I prefer to apply this kind of tan before bed and let it develop over night, then you can have a shower in the morning to reveal a lovely natural looking tan.

My favourite is this Fake Bake Flawless Darker Tan (here). Its a very runny liquid tan which is best sprayed onto a tanning mitt and then applied to the skin. It has a slight red tone to it which creates a warm tan that looks like you've just come out from the sun. It tends to last about 3-4 days on me before its starts to fade and needs a top up. Its fades very evenly though so you don't need to worry too much about exfoliating although it does help. It has a sweet tropical scent and although it does develop that "fake tan smell" it is very faint and very bearable. 

The Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse for fair skin (here) is great for people with fair skin who are looking for a healthy glow rather than a deep tan, I'm not sure what kind of effect you would get with the ones for medium or dark toned skin would give but this one gives a lovely effect. I find that if I apply this and wash it off the next day reapply and then wash off the day after it gives the best effect. It definitely lasts longer than most other tans I'd say about a week and a half but I'm not sure it would last the full two to three weeks. I would still definitely recommend it though as a natural long lasting tan, and would definitely repurchase but probably in one of the darker shades.

This is a self tan lotion with a built in bronzer by MakeBelieve (here). This one is great for applying in the morning and letting it develop through the day, you can then wash off the bronzer and your left with a golden tan. It has a kind of ginger bread smell to it, not sure if it smells like that to everyone but that is how it smells to me! The lotion formula is light but moisturising enough you can skip the body lotion, it gives you a medium tan that can last up to about a week.

Gradual Tan
I have one gradual tan these are really good for building up a natural looking tan, as they take a couple of days to build up the colour you desire and then you can just top as and when you need to. They're also good for getting an even finish as they develop more slowly you can see can correct any mistakes with another layer of tan and any lines won't be too noticeable.

I have the Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan (here). Which builds up a light golden glow. It is a very hydrating formula and is great for quickly applying when you jump out of the shower. It has quite a sweet smell considering it is targeted at both men and women, but is definitely lovely to use and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Tans for the Face
I have two tans to share with you they are both very different from each other. I always find finding the perfect fake tan for your face is always hard. You have to be careful as they can often break you out, go patchy or look muddy on the skin.

The first one I want to show you is this Everyday Face Light/Medium gradual tan (here), which looks a look like a normal moisturiser and gradually develops to a light golden glow. It has the same smell as the other St. Tropez products I have tried, which I was a bit surprised it was so scented for a a facial moisturiser but didn't break me out. It's not a product I would use everyday though as I do find it makes my skin a bit sensitive if I use it too often.

Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning (here), is like no other self tan I've ever used. It's a primer that tans the skin as you wear it. You apply your face cream like normal and then a light layer of this tinted cream. You can wear it on its own or under foundation and does leave you skin feeling very smooth. It leaves a golden glow and has build-able colour. It smells like cherry bake wells as well so its smells amazing when you apply it.

I apply most of my tanning products with a tanning mitt, which helps make sure you get an even blended application. You can get them from most places and are normally available from where ever you buy your tan or some even include them in. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your favourite self tanner is. I hope you've found it useful.

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