What's in my bag?!

This is my DKNY leather satchel I bought from Selfridges (here). Its made from black Saffiano leather which is really hard wearing and has gold hard wear. I absolutely love this bag and it is just perfect for what I need everyday. It took me ages to find a bag that fitted all of my criteria and whilst scrolling the pages of beautiful bags on Selfridges, I fell in love with this one.

This is the contents of my bag and is what I carry round with me pretty much all the time, I don't always carry everything around with me but these are the day to day items. 

This is my purse which is probably the most important item in my bag. I bought it from Topshop as it caught my eye in the sale a couple of months ago. It lays nice and flat so it doesn't take up tonnes of room like some purses do, its also neon green which I love as you can always find it in the bottomless pit of my bag. It has gold writing on it which says "in the money..." which I don't really like. But it was a good bargain and does its job perfectly. Its also great if I'm just nipping out and don't want to take a big bag as it has plenty of room to stick my phone in and anything necessary without the need to lug a big bag about.

I also have my keys which are pretty important else how am I going to get in and out the house?! I also have my car keys for if I'm in the car. I have this amazing cat key-ring which when you press a button on its back has a really bright light and meows really loudly, it always scares the cats so I guess it would scare away any scary people too! I also have a Boofie key-ring with my name on which makes sure I don't lose my keys. And I also have my key-ring I got from when I went to Africa, it looks like a conker but not a conker and has animals carved onto it and my name, it always reminds me of my trip a few years ago.

I also carry round my iPad Mini and my diary which is massive and wish I had bought a smaller one as it weighs loads and takes up so much room. My current one is an academic one from WHSmith's which is a page a day hard back. I nearly always have my iPad on me which has a sparkly pink case that I found in TKMaxx, my little sister loves taking pictures on it and this is the latest one she set on my lock screen which I haven't changed. I like to make sure I have a couple of pens on me as well as I'm always losing mine, I just have one in my bag at the moment but I tend to just carry around any that I find. I always carry my phone as well but haven't got any photos as it's what I take all my photos on. I have an iPhone 5 which has just about my whole life on. I wouldn't be without it. I also take my head phones with me which are just the Apple ones I got with my phone, I love being able to block everything out and just listening to my music when I'm walking about.

I'm not one of those people who carry a full make up bag with me all the time I like to put my make up on in the morning and then leave it. Occasionally I'll carry a powder or concealer depending on how my skin is and how long I'm out for but the one thing I tend to carry is a collection of lipsticks. I don't carry them all around on purpose but I tend to put whichever one I'm wearing in my bag for that day and then forget to take them out so I end up with quite the collection. I also carry a hand cream although I tend to forget to use them though they are handy for if you do need one. At the moment I have this Clarins one (here) which I really like, I got it in a set at Christmas.

I try to carry a bottle of water with me to encourage me to drink more and it seems to be working at the moment, I also carry some ibuprofen because you never know when your going to need it. I like to chew gum when I'm concentrating or stressed so I like to carry a big pot around so I don't run out, people always ask for gum as well so this way there's always plenty to share. I also have some tic tacs which are in my bag at the moment just in case I want a mint.

I also always carry sunglasses as I love the sun but hate it in my eyes. These particular ones I bought on my holiday last year to Turkey, as I love the design. They say Prada but there not real ones. I brought them for the design more than anything and where a bargain as I think they only cost me £3 much cheaper than the genuine ones!

I always enjoy reading other peoples what's in my bag posts so I thought I'd give it a go. Let me know what your hand bag necessities are!

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