Dying my Hair Purple!

I love trying out new colours when it comes to my hair I've been dying it since I was 16 and love trying new looks. I've always gone darker with my hair I did used to have highlights when I was about 14, but since then I always wanted darker hair. Recently though I decided I wanted to go blonder and I've had quite a light blonde shade for about 4 months and I really like it its something pretty different to what I've been used too. 

I've had a few of the Bleach London hair dyes for a while and I've had a bit of a play with them but my hair hasn't really been light enough for the colour to take, but the other day I decided to take the plunge and try the purple shade, bruised violets and I absolutely love it. I firstly applied it all over wet hair after I had washed it for about 20 minutes, and this created a vivid shade of purple, but where my hair was a bit darker at the back it was a little bit patchy, so I decided to redo it to even it out and make it darker. So I washed my hair and applied it all over and left it for 50 minutes and got an amazing bright purple shade which I loved.

I've washed my hair since and it has faded but I have little bits of blue and more pinky shade mixed in so I'm really happy with the way it has turned out, I'm not sure how it will wash out in the next few washes but I'll keep you posted with how it goes.

My hair is also in really good condition at the moment and these hair dyes are so conditioning, I'm really impressed so far.


  1. Wow I love it! I'm in love with Nicole Richie's purple hair too. So cool!


  2. Such a lovely bright colour! I love the idea of having pink hair but I'm sort of worried it been overdone and everyone will just think I'm copying lol I'm brunette right now, but I'm soooo bored of it :/ lol x