#HullFashion Week Finale

On Saturday I went to the #hullfashion week finale, it was a super busy and long day but worth it as was so fun to do something completely different for a change and catch up with friends and making new ones. From 11 till 4 there was a catwalk in the city hall which had plenty of fashion shows and entertainment through the whole day. There were lots of stalls around the the catwalk to look around and a Clothes Swap were you could take your old clothes in and swap them for something new. It was such a lovely sunny day and outside there was a boutique market with so many lovely pieces of clothing and accessories.

While the fashion shows were happening we were all sat at the bloggers hub station, blogging and keeping up to date on twitter and instagram with updates on how the event was going. After a super busy day we were all starving so we went to grab some food at Nando's and a quick bit of shopping before we all went home.

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