Z is for... Zzz's

So it's the final letter of A-Z challenge, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite products to help you catch some zzz's. I really struggle to switch of at night and even when I'm tired as soon as I lay down in bed my brain is wide awake. I'm not going to say any of these products are miracles but they are definitely great for helping you to relax and wind down.

These two little mini's from This Works I found in a little cracker at Christmas, I'm sure they will probably do a set similar next year or you can get them available with the full size set here and you can also find them seperatley. The Deep Sleep pillow spray has an instant calming effect as soon as you smell it. It is very comforting whilst trying to doze off and definitely takes you away to a sleepy place. The Deep Sleep Stress Less also has a similar effect. You simply roll onto temples and take a few breaths and you'll be transported to that far away land.

This Deep Sleep pulse point balm was from Body Shop and works similarly too the This Works rollerball. It definitely has a lavender scent which always reminds me of when my Grandma used to spray lavender onto my pillow when I was little. I like the fact its more of a cream rather than an oil as I find they can sometimes get a little bit messy.

Finally the last one in my little aromatherapy kit, the Tisserand De-Stress, which is not necessarily for night time but it a very comforting rose scent to it. It's a really good one to carry in your bag especially if your going through a stressful time or have exams or something.

Sometimes when I'm stressed or tired I like to have a bath, I'm not much of a bath person I just prefer to have a shower. But when your tired and achey sometimes they seem like the perfect cure. A while a go I know a lot of bloggers where raving about these Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts, so many people where saying that the made them fall straight to sleep and have the best night sleep they've had in ages. I can't say that with me they had that amazing effect but they do make a lovely bath and make you feel very relaxed and sleepy feeling.

And the last one I wanted to share with you for the bath are the Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower oils. These have such a strong smell, in a good way. I wouldn't say the all smell particularly nice straight from the bottle but when poured in the bath they fill the whole room, and nearly the whole house with the relaxing spa type scent. The best thing is you only need the tiniest amount. I can normally get three uses out of one of these tiny little bottles. They are quite expensive I chose to buy the set where you can try the different ones, rather than buying a bottle of one scent. That way you can try them all and find your favourites. One of my favourites for trying to get to sleep is the support lavender and peppermint, which smells like lavender and is very calming and relaxing.

Let me know what your favourite products are? I'm all for trying anything to help get a good night sleep!


  1. Just popping in to say Congrats for finishing! Nice post for Zzzz :D

    Personally if I use anything I tend to mix my own up, but you've reminded me that I've not dusted off my oils for ages... literally and figuratively! I've always found Majoram to be the most useful for sleep/relaxation/destress, it's the one that can knock me out.

    See you soon!
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  2. Ooh I might have to try Majoram, I'm always looking for thing ps to knock me out!
    See you soon! X x