J is for... Java Powder

Bourjois Java Rice Powder (here), is my go to powder to set my make up with at the moment. I'm not a big powder lover and setting my make up with it has never been a big part of my routine. On days where my skin is a little more oily than normal or I just feel like I need a dusting of powder to complete my make up, this is what I've been reaching for.

It's a loose pink toned translucent powder with a pretty shimmer to it. It gives you a more luminous look rather than that dull matte look some powders can give. Its undetectable on and just gives that subtle glow without being too in your face. and although its a luminating powder I find you can still use it all over the skin without looking like a glitter ball, its not got quite enough shimmer or colour to act as a highlighter though. Its works wonders for setting under your eyes as it has a brightening effect due to the pinky tone of the powder. 

The packaging is adorable and looks beautiful sat on your dressing table or in your make up bag and definitely has that vintage feeling. It also smells amazing like every other Bourjois product I've tried so it's a delight to apply. 

Have you tried this powder? Let me know what your favourite Bourjois products are!


  1. I'd love to try this for under my eyes. Anything to help brighten! ;)


    1. It sets your concealer brilliantly too so you don't get any creases under your eyes :) x

  2. I do love the packaging. It looks very classy!

    Visiting from the main A to Z Blog page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris

    1. The packaging is perfect for a dressing table!
      Great to meet you too :)