P is for... Parfumerie Nail Polish from Revlon

These nail polishes come in the cutest bottles and the fact there meant to be scented I was sold. Novelty items are always a winner and scented nail polish for grown ups? They had to be good. They also come in some really pretty shades too! I picked up China Flower which is a summery red and Autumn Spice which is a brown with mainly gold and red shimmer running through it. Both are so pretty in the bottle and equally lovely on the nails. 

China Flower is probably the most season appropriate colour and really brightens up any outfit, I've never really been one for red nails but I do love this colour as its much more wearable and less in your face than the bold statement red. This one has a faint floral scent once dry but nothing really special.

Autumn Spice on the other hand has quite a powerful scent and smells just how you'd expect autumn spice to smell. Its the colour that really made me buy this one as its really up my street, I'm always drawn to dark nail polishes and although I love my bright colours a nearly black shade is a safe option when you're not sure what to wear.

There all on 3 for 2 as well at the moment in Boots (here) so its perfect for trying a couple of new shades. I think they would also make a really lovely gift for any lady and would look perfect on any dressing table.

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