D is for... Dr Bronners Magic Soap

Dr Bronners Magic Soap (here) is definitely the best thing I've found to clean my make up brushes. It can also be used to pretty much clean anything including the dishes and your teeth! Not sure I'd really want to clean my teeth with soap though. 

I have the peppermint and the lavender and they both smell very nice and make sure my make up brushes are squeaky clean. I do prefer the lavender scent though out of both of them as the peppermint isn't your typical cleaning brushes scent. 

Cleaning make up brushes regularly is really important to make sure you're not spreading bacteria everywhere, dirty brushes can lead to break outs and it's especially important to clean your brushes if your doing other peoples make up. Also I think it's much nicer to use clean brushes as the feel much softer on the skin! 

To clean my brushes I usually just wet the brush, lather a bit of soap in the bristles to make sure you get all the product out and then rinse them thoroughly, and repeat if necessary - I tend to do this especially for foundation brushes. I then just leave them to air dry over night. The bottle lasts for ages as well as you only need a tiny amount.

If a need to clean my brushes quickly I tend to just spray them with a little bit of Clinique's brush cleanser (here) and then wipe with a tissue. This is really good if you just need to clean brushes in between using different colours and it's really handy if your doing make overs. 

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