T is for... Topshop Gloss Ink

If you want a very very long lasting gloss than this is the one you want. I stubbled across this Topshop Gloss Ink whilst shopping and had to have it, the others were also gorgeous but this shade really caught my eye.

I chose Sloe Gin which is a deep very vibrant pink shade it has a very glossy finish and wears off into a lovely stain that lasts for hours on the lips. I've found you need to take your time applying this you don't want to rush it else your going to end up with pink gloss everywhere! But once applied you really don't need to worry about it and this gloss definitely stays where you put it. It has quite a tacky feeling to it whilst glossy but I personally don't mind that. You can also blot it if you like the shade but prefer a matte lip, which works out perfectly for everyone.

I think there are 5 shades in the range and they are all quite bright, there is a more peachy coral shade and a rosy pink that are a little bit more neutral but there is definitely something there for everyone.

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