N is for... Nars Exhibit A Blush

Now this blush looks pretty scary and I know a lot of people steer away from bright coloured blushes like this, but it just looks so pretty on and when blended into the skin looks really natural and pretty. Nars Exhibit A Blush (here) is what I've been using on my cheeks most days. It looks really pretty on its on for that rosy glow and works beautifully with bronzer to give that sunkissed glow you get when you've been out in the sun all day.

The key with this is, is definitely use a little at a time and make your you really blend it in, you can really achieve that clown look if your not careful. I tend to lightly tap my brush in the powder once and that tends to be the perfect amount for each cheek. If you a bit heavy handed though using a dual fibre brush will help with this as they pick up a lot less colour than your average blush brush. Real techniques do a collection of three dual fibre brushes I'm sure your all aware of, these work perfectly.

What's your scariest looking make up item!?


  1. I have a BRIGHT BRIGHT ORANGE blush from Sleek. Very scary looking. But very beautiful when applied with a light hand :) This looks gorgeous on you! :)


    1. I keep looking at the orange one from sleek they have some gorgeous shades! Might have to try it! X x