X is for... XOXO Gossip Girl Inspired Look

This is my take on a make up look from Gossip Girl. I chose to base the look mostly on Leighton Meesters character Blair Waldorf, but I think I might also do a Serena look later on. This isn't an exact look just my take on it.

Blair's skin also looks luminous and glowing so choose first used an illuminating primer, and then a foundation with a dewy finish. I'll link all the products I use down below. I then filled in my brows a little bit, not as done as normal as Blair's eyebrows are a thinner and softer than mine and used a little bit of a pink blush on my cheeks.

Blair tends to wear quite matte eyeshadow but I personally prefer something with a slight shimmer so I used more shimmery one's, I used a really light shade across the lid and a dark brown shade very lightly through the crease. Blair also tend to wear a little bit of eye liner across her top lash line but it always looks very soft so I chose to use a black eyeshadow with an angled brush so it didn't look harsh.

To finish I used a lipgloss with a little bit of colour in it, you see Blair wearing a lot of pink and red shades, still natural looking, but they are always very glossy looking in finish, she sometimes also wears a nude gloss.

And no Blair Waldorf look is complete with a pretty, preppy alice band!

Products I used:
Various Seventeen Eyeshadows (not sure on the colours as they came in a limited edition palette)


  1. What a lovely look. So fresh and pretty! :)


  2. What a fun post. And I love the look. Especially the very last one -- a melancholic look.
    Silvia @