I is for... Insolent Plum

This is one of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks (here). I have the shade Insolent Plum, which is a gorgeous pinky purple shade. Its showing up a lot more red in the pictures but I just couldn't get the colour right!

It is such a luxurious lipstick in the packaging and the lipstick itself. The packaging is very sleek and feels very expensive. It has one of those lids which is magnetic and makes a very satisfying clunk noise when you put the lid back on. 

The lipstick itself is beautiful and very moisturising, it has a special moisture complex in it which hydrates lips throughout the time you wear it. It lasts ages on the lips and fades very evenly leaving a pink stain to the lips. I was a bit worried about how it would wear as its a very bold shade and didn't want patchy lips or a ring around the outside. So I was more than happy with this one. The only thing is it does bleed slightly which I normally don't have a problem with but nothing a little bit of lip liner won't solve.

There are so many pretty shades in the range and a big variety too, there's definitely something for everyone. I'd recommend having a look at them next time you go past an Estee Lauder counter!