H is for.. Hi Shine

This is one of the new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lip crayons (here). I picked up the shade Capella which is a rose pink shade. The other shades were very bright, I do like bright colours but wanted something I can wear quite often and will go with a lot of things. I'm really into light pink lips as well at the moment, so I was really drawn to this shade.

These aren't quite as glossy as I thought they would be. I imagined something a lot more like a lip gloss finish. Don't get me wrong it gives a nice sheen to the lips but I wouldn't really call it Hi Shine. I absoloutely love the colour though its such a pretty shade. Its really easy to apply and feels lovely on the lips. It also wears quite well too, and fades evenly rather than going patchy.

I would definitely recommend these for the colours. They are so pigmented you basically draw it on and your good to go. They're also a lot more opaque than some of other lip crayons available which tend to be more like a tinted lip balm.


  1. Love your blog. It is always fun to read reviews of new products, and I like bloggers for this better than magazines. More honest, I think. (BTW -- found you through the A to Z Challenge.)


    1. Aw thank you! I love reading other people views on products and blogging is great for that. I hardly buy magazines anymore!

  2. Looks lovely on you! Loving your A-Z idea. Keep it up ;)