M is for... Miracle Leave-In Product

This is the miracle leave-in product by It's a 10 (Here). It really has been a miracle product for me. I have recently dyed my hair blonde, I used to have dark purple hair which my hair was pretty normal. I'd wash it every other day and it didn't particularly need much extra conditioner or oils and serums. Since going blonde though although it's still in pretty good condition it is quite a lot dryer than it was especially on the ends. So I felt like a leave-in treatment sounded a good idea to keep it soft and manageable. 

I decided on a whim to pick up this product as being ten things in one it must be good. I just spray it into damp hair before I dry it and style it like normal. It claims to instantly: 
1. Repair dry and damaged hair
2. Add shine
3. Detangle
4. Control frizz
5. Seal and protect hair colour
6. Prevent split ends
7. Stop hair breakage
8. Create silkiness
9. Enhance natural body
10. Protect hair from heat

I would agree to most of these and does definitely make my hair much more manageable, and it's so easy to brush. It's makes my hair feel soft and silky and if I straighten it it does have a lovely shine. It's an added bonus having the heat protector in as it saves using another product on your hair. I prefer  to use the minimum amount of product as I can get away with in my hair to stop it from getting greasy quickly and I find it makes my hair much more manageable which is he most important thing for me. 

It's a slightly funny texture I thought it would be much more runny like a conventional leave in spray conditioner, but kind of has the texture of a normal conditioner although it is completely undetectable in the hair. Would definitely recommend if your in the market for a new leave in conditioner/heat protector. 

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