O is for... Origins

Origins do some amazing skin care products and one of my favourites is this Clear Improvements Charcoal mask (here). It's really good at clearing out pores and generally sorting out your skin when your having one of those weeks. It's a thick dark gray cream which you apply to clean dry skin and it drys to one of those masks where you can't move your face! You can apply it all over or just to the t-zone area what ever works best for you.

My skin definitely feels cleaner and looks clearer after I've used it, I don't tend to use face masks very often but this sorts my skin out when its misbehaving. I'd say this would be perfect of oily or combination skin, especially if you're blemish prone or have problems with acne. I think if you have dry skin though you might not get on with it so well as it can leave skin feeling tight and needing a good layer of moisturiser on to take away any tightness. Origins offer plenty of other treats for your skin if this one isn't suitable so there is something for everyone, and there products smell amazing so its worth going to a counter just to give them a sniff!


  1. Could you recommend a good drugstore brand equivalent? I know Boot Botanics do a clay mask? Have you tried it? :)


    1. I've not personally tried any of the high street ones, I have to be quite careful because I have sensitive skin but I've heard good things about the botanical one and my sister uses the quick fix range available from boots. They have pretty good dupes for all the origins masks and they are a really good price too! They are here on boots website: http://m.boots.com/mt/www.boots.com/en/Quick-Fix-Facial-Purifying-Charcoal-Mask-100ml_1458749/