Currently Loving... January

Where has January gone? It doesn't feel 5 minutes since Christmas has came and gone. It is currently cold and rainy which has left us all longing for spring to come and summer to hurry along after it. The first thing I've been loving this month is blogging. I made this blog up about a year ago now I just never wrote anything on it. It wasn't until I saw my lovely friend Charlotte who also blogs one day a couple of weeks ago and she talked me into posting my first post, she has an amazing blog which I will link here. I'm so glad she made me as I've loved writing about all my favourite things.

Favourite Make-up:

This month it won't be a surprise that its from Maybelline. It definitely has to be my favourite drug store brand at the moment. They've brought out so many great products and one of my favourites to use has to be the Big Eyes Light Catching eyeshadow palettes (link). I have a few of these they were so affordable and I just couldn't choose which colours I liked the best. I think my favourite has to be the Luminous Blue, which I'm wearing in the picture above. It's really great at just adding that pop of colour, I think I love the others just as much though.

Favourite Skincare:

This month it has to be coconut oil (link). I discovered this not so long ago and its quickly become my favourite cleanser. It just does such a good job of melting your make up off and I've been amazed at what a good eye make up remover it is I haven't touched my Clarins one since I bought this stuff. Its also been working great as an overnight hair mask and has so many other uses it really is great.

Favourite New Lauch:

This has to be the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara* (link). The whole ad campaign with the little panda is so cute and the whole manga theme is great to add a bit of fun to everyday life and bring in a younger target audience which I think was their main idea. The mascara itself is really nice, I've heard mixed reviews about it but I get on with it really well. Its a good mascara if you like quite a thick mascara if you prefer a more lengthening, natural one though I don't think this ones for you.

Favourite Nails:
This is a really hard category to choose as its the one thing I probably change up the most other than my lipstick. I think the one I've gone back to the most is Barry M Berry Cosmo (link) which is a really deep purple. I just think its a bit different to all the other deep winter shades as they end to be a little more on the red side.

Favourite Bodycare:

I've been loving self tan this month, I think I'm just really hoping summer will hurry up around the corner! I don't think it will be anytime soon though. My favourite Tan is actually a new on I picked up the Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse Tan in fair (link), which I picked up in the sale. I've wanted to try one of these tans for ages and couldn't resist it for such a good price. It's a two to three week tan which is great if you don't want to be worrying about topping it up every couple of days. It leaves more of a glow to the skin rather than a tan which is perfect for this time of year as you don't always want to look like you've just come back from the Mediterranean in the middle of winter, when you go to work 3 shades darker than the day before! I think if you did want a deeper tan than the medium or dark would be more suitable. But this one is especially great for pale skintones and doesn't leave you looking like and orange umpah lumpah.

*This is a sample given to me at work.

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