Neon Dots

It's so cold and rainy here at the moment, I can't wait for summer to come back and have some sun. I thought a nice bright nail would cheer me up. I've had this neon pink polish for a while now its one by Sinful Colors, it's called 24/7 (link). I just walked past it and couldn't resist picking it up. I decided I didn't want it as the only colour as it can be quite bright and in your face on it's own so I decided to pair it with this lovely nude colour by Barry M, this particular shade is called Vanilla (link). Its part of there matte collection so it doesn't really have a shine or the gloss of a normal polish. I'm not sure how to describe this colour but it's a greyish beige kind of shade. I think it contrast really well with the neon pink and it's a great base shade that works with a lot of colours. I just used a dotting tool to apply medium size dots at the base of my nails, dotting tools are pretty cheap but if you don't have one handy you could use a cocktail stick or a fine brush. My dotting tool was part of a set from Topshop (link).

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