Top 5 Fragrances

I'm not going to lie, I have a pretty large collection of fragrance. It was so hard to narrow it down and maybe in the future I might do a fragrance collection post in full, but in the end I decided these were my top 5 fragrances of the moment. I think they all fit quite nicely into 5 little catergories, so I'll just get started.

Signature Scent - L'eau de Chloe (link)

Chloe has got to be my all time favourite fragrance, the original was the first proper fragrance I received as a gift (I think it was my 17th birthday) and I was completely obsessed. I still love the original but there's just something about L'eau de Chloe that just smells so darn good. Its a much more clean, fresh smelling fragrance than the original and is classed as a chypre-floral. It just reminds me of a sunny spring day when you know summer is coming and makes me smile every time I smell it. If you get the chance I'd definitely recommend giving it a sniff as well as the other Chloe perfumes as they're all amazing.

Evening Scent - Yves Saint Laurent Belle D'Opium* (link)

To me this is the perfect perfume for the evening, I love to wear it when I go out. It just makes you feel so grown up and sexy. It's nothing like the original Opium, which I'm not really to keen on it's just to heavy for me. Belle D'Opium is a woody oriental and has kind of smokey smell to it, which it gives that really warm, comforting feeling. It's kind of fruity as well which livens it up. I love the bottle as well its so unusual and unique.

Fun Fragrance - Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice (link)

This fragrance is nothing like what I would normally choose. I think it's the name that made me pick it up to smell and I just fell in love with it. It really does have that playful, naughty (but in a good way!) smell to it and something I could imagine the girls at St Trinians or somewhere wearing. Its quite a sweet musky smell, which I normally wouldn't go for but this one I really like. It comes in a really sweet bottle and comes with a gold bracelet with the Vivienne Westwood charm on, which I managed to mislay before taking the photos!

Prettiest Packaging - Stella by Stella McCartney (link)

The bottle for this perfume is just beautiful, unfortunately though I don't think this particular design is still available as it was limited addition. But the perfume is just as lovely and they are always bringing out new limited edition bottles and of course there is still the original design. This perfume is like summer in a bottle, it is definitely a rose scented fragrance but it's quite citrus at the same time making it stand out from all the other rosy perfumes. It is quite strong so I don't wear it all the time but when I do decide to wear it I always remember how good it is.

The Classic - Chanel Chance* (link)

I don't think any perfume collection is complete with out a little bit of Chanel. This is my favourite Chanel at the moment, Chance. It's a light fresh scent but it has amazing staying power. It just smells so luxurious without the heaviness other luxury fragrance's have. The bottle is very simple but elegant and actually signifies a wheel of fortune as in french Chance means Luck!

*these were samples given to me at work

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