Glossybox Review

I love getting parcels and knowing you're going to get one every month with lots of surprise beauty products is great! I've been getting Glossy Boxes for about a year now and although not every box is great some of them are fantastic and I've loved every product in them. This one was a bit average.

The first thing in the box was the Yu-Be moisturising skin cream (link), which is probably the thing I wanted to try the most. I got two small tubes to try and I actually really liked this, its a multi-purpose cream which is very moisturising you can use it a a general moisturiser, a lip balm, just on very dry skin like knees and elbows and what ever else you fancy it for. I've tried it as a lip balm when my lips are really dry and that worked really well and also as a face cream which has cleared up any very dry patches really well, although I wouldn't use it on my face all the time as it can make your skin very shiny, greasy looking which isn't really a good look. If your looking for a new multi purpose cream I would recommend you trying this one.

The next thing I got was the balance Me super toning body wash (link), I haven't opened this bottle yet but I've tried this before I think I got it in a magazine. I do like it from what I remember but its just not one of those things I would buy, I normally just get whatever body wash is on offer when I go to the shops, which tends to be something like Soap and Glory or Sanctuary. I like to be able to buy shower gel when I just nip into town, it's not one of those products that I'm going to track down and buy online. The little bottles are handy though so I'll probably just save this for when I'm travelling or something.

Tweezers are something that are always handy to have, my favorite ones are always going missing, so until they magically reappear another pair are always good to have. These ones from the vintage cosmetic company (link) are sweet I like the ditzy floral design. They are alright tweezers but there not brilliant but they get the job done.

These were a good thing to find in the box, I would not normally buy this kind of thing if I saw them in a shop. I've seen quite a few of these under eye masks floating around lately and they look quite interesting. I think they are more of a novelty more than anything as you can get the same effect from cotton pads soaked in cold water or ice cubes wrapped in tissue. I love the packaging for anatomicals (link) products they're simple but definitely grab your attention. These Puffy the eye bag slayer, wake-up under eye patches felt nice to put on and they definitely refreshed the skin and made you feel a little bit more awake, they're basically like rubbery patches which have been shaped to fit comfortably under the eye and you just take them off the tray and place them under your eyes and they just stick there until you peel them off. It says to leave them on for 30 minutes so I don't think its one of those things you can do on a regular basis but after a late Saturday night they're quite nice to use on a Sunday morning when all you want to do is lazy about and have a bit of a pamper.

Finally, the last thing in the box was this Vaseline Essential Moisture body lotion (link). Its quite a nice size for travelling but definitely not something I expected in a glossy box. Its nice but nothing special. I just prefer brands that I probably wouldn't really try unless its a sample or things that are a bit more on the pricey side so you can try before you buy sort of thing. I probably won't use this much as I can be quite fussy with my moisturisers and prefer something a bit more luxurious if I do use a moisturiser.

Overall this box was a bit boring there is nothing which really wowed me, it was a back to basics box though which is probably why the products were so simple, I just prefer to try something that's a bit more exciting. If you want to check out GlossyBox for yourself the link is here and if you've tried any beauty boxes let me know what you think.

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