Orange Lips

Orange lips keep popping up and orange always makes a good alternative to the classic red if you want something a little fresher. So I thought I would share with you some that I own.

Tutti Frutti (link) is a nice orange if you like a decent amount of colour but with out it being like your wearing bright orange lipstick. Its a nice formula to wear as its moisturising and leaves a nice sheen on the lips. It's a great option for an everyday lipstick.

This Avon Color Trend Lipstix (link) is a great if you want to try the trend out but you don't want to spend a lot of money. It has a pink undertone to it so it's really wearable. Its long lasting and it smells like sweets which I really like.

Sleek Pout Paint (link) is definitely the most orange lipstick I have. This one is like a liquid so its easy to apply with a lip brush or a cotton bud. It has a very glossy finish and you can build it up to however intense you want the colour. Pout paints are also great for mixing with other lipsticks so you could mix it with a different shade to change the intensity.

Mac Morange (link) has got to be the cult orange lipstick I think every beauty lover owns this. Its not as orange as I thought it would be, to me its quite a red orange so it makes it more wearable. Its very bright though so its not for the faint hearted.

This Bourjois lip crayon (link) is really good for an everyday option. It just adds a sheer amount of colour and has a glossy finish. Its one of those lip products that is amazing for your hand bag because you can just apply it without a mirror and not have to worry about getting it all over your face.

No7 High Shine Lipgloss (link) looks so bright in the tube. It's a very bright coral colour and looks a bit scary but when applied to the lips you get this really pretty wash of colour. I think this one is great for people how like the look of bright colours but not sure about how to wear them.

This Rimmel (link) lipstick is so lovely. Its a pinky orange colour with a gold shimmer running through it. It looks gorgeous on fair skin as well as a golden tan and is great for those spring and summer months.

This Lip Lustre (link) is the perfect accompniment to the Rimmel Coral in Gold its another pinky orange with gold running through it but much sheerer on the lips. Its also really long lasting so great when you don't want to be touching up your make up through out the day.

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