Glitter Graffiti Nails

I’ve not always been much of a glitter nail girl, I’ve always found it chips really easy on my nails and the bits that don’t chip take ages to remove with nail polish remover. I do love the way it looks though, and lately I have been really into the whole glitter thing!

I’ve found this Maybelline Color Show Street Artist top coat, (long name!) is great and nothing like anything else on the high street. I’ve found the high street is getting very creative with anything to do with nails which I think is great. I have the one called White Splatters, which out of all of them caught my eye. It has a mixture of matte white, blue and purple glitter. The glitter is all different sizes some of its really chunky whereas other parts are really fine. I just love how unusual it looks on the nails, it’s really interesting.

This topcoat looks really pretty over many different shades of polish. This time I’ve layered it with O.P.I You’re such a Budapest, a bluey lilac shade. But I think it would work really well over blues, nudes or even dark shades like Barry M’s Berry Cosmo.

I love this nail polish, it’s great for jazzing up a simple manicure or if you just love glitter I would really recommend it.

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