Favourite Concealer

I don't think you know whether something is really a true favourite until you run out of it and miss it. That's how I feel about this concealer, Maybelline Instant Anti Age The Eraser Eye. I know I don't need it for the anti aging reasons but it just applies so nicely and blends effortlessly. It also has really good coverage and I've found it's really good for blemishes as well as under the eye. I have the shade light which is perfect for my skin tone and works well whether I have fake tanned or not. My only grumble is that I've only found it in two shades in the UK which means it isn't going to be suitable for many skin tones. It is great concealer for fair to medium skin tones though.

I originally tried this concealer when I got sent one at work, I had seen lots of good reviews about it but wasn't sure whether to try it as I wasn't completely sold on the sponge applicator. I couldn't see how it would be that hygienic. I have read somewhere though that it has some kind of anti bacterial technology in it though, not sure if that's true. When I first tried it though I completely changed my mind as the concealer itself is one of the best I've tried. I finally used the last of mine yesterday and had to go and buy another one today. If you saw the packaging you would be able to see it was well loved! At the moment they are buy 1 get 2nd half price in Boots and Superdrug, its here on the Superdrug website but currently sold out and I can't find it on Boots website again. If your looking for a new concealer to try I would definitely recommend this one. What are your favourite concealers?

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