Evening Skincare Routine

There's nothing better than taking off all your make-up at the end of the day and just letting your skin breathe. These are the products that I'm currently using, they are definitely not the most glamorous products around my bathroom sink but they do a good job and suit my skin.

The first product I use is Coconut Oil this one is from Holland and Barrett, I can't find it on the website but this is a similar one here (link). I originally bought this to use as a hair mask but one night I thought I'd try using it to take off all my make-up and its amazing. I just scoop a little bit out and let it melt into an oil in my hands and massage it into my face. Then I use a flannel and warm water to take it off. You can use this to take your eye make up and its by far the best I've found at doing that. It just melts everything away and makes your skin feel clean without drying it out. I've tried many cleansing balms before, I love the feel of them on my skin but most of them break me out. Coconut Oil has almost done the opposite and has done a great job of clearing up my skin so I will continue to use it as my daily evening cleanser.

After cleansing I like to use a toner. At the moment I am using this toning lotion from Clarins which I really like (link). I just use this to take away any left over cleanser before I moisturise. I haven't been using this one long but its very refreshing on the skin and if your skin feels tight after cleansing this just takes that feeling away.

I've been using Clarins Gentle day cream (link), its great for sensitive skin. It takes away any redness and helps to sooth irritated skin. This is the moisturiser I tend to use on a regular basis. If my skin is particularly bad I use this Dr.Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream (link). This is really good at repairing your skin and help soothe irritated skin. It's particularly good if you've had a reaction to other cleansers and creams, its clears you skin up super quickly.

Just before bed I like to use a lip balm so I wake up with super soft lips. I switch up lip balm to what ever I have handy but at the moment I'm using this Jason Aloe and Beeswax lip balm which has a minty scent and kind of exfoliates your lips slightly. And to make me feel sleepy I use a bit of this Works deep sleep stress less (link) on my temples. Its just smells so relaxing its really good at making you feel calm.

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