Galaxy Nails

I found these lovely Elegant Touch Press on Nails in my local Boots (Link). These particular ones are part of the range designed by Little Mix. I picked up the ones designed by Perrie, they are inspired by a kind of space/galaxy theme. I've tried many a times to create this kind of nail art at home, but failed miserably! So these take all the hard work out.

I love how none fussy they are and think press on nails are brilliant. They don't damage your nails like the ones with glue do and they're really easy to apply. I also think they work much better for me as they always last so much longer on my nails than the ones with glue in. Normally they stay on about a week whereas the ordinary ones only tend to last a couple of days at max.
The design of these particular ones I really like. It's really simple and looks almost like you could have done it yourself. In my opinion this is really good as it makes them look more natural and as though they are your natural nails.  The length on these are perfect as well they just cover the tips of you're fingers so it means I can wear them at work and they don't get in the way or caught on anything!
Have you tried any of the Little Mix nails or got any recommendations?
Love Em x

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