Mermaid Tears

I've had this Models Own - Mermaid Tears polish for a while now (link), but haven't really worn it much. I don't know why because it is so pretty.

You can apply it over so many different colour nail polish's, and it looks different over all of them. I decided to wear it with just a black polish this time, I used a Nails Inc one which I got free with Glamour Magazine a couple of months ago. Then I layered a couple of coats of Mermaid Tears over the top. I think it looks great with the black as its such a good contrast, but it also looks really pretty over similar colours. This one looks lovely over lilacs and blues, or even white. It just adds an interesting twist to any colour.

Left to right: Rimmel 60 Seconds - Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Barry M - Blueberry and Rimmel 60 Seconds - Silver Bullet

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