Haul #1

I've done lots of shopping this week so I thought I would share with you what I've brought. I've had a week off work so I've had plenty of little trips planned. I've been to see my lovely cousin Zoe, who I haven't seen properly in ages. We always manage to do lots of shopping when we are together and this time was no exception. We also went for a lovely lunch at the Harvester which always brings memories back for us two and a shopping trip is never complete with out a coffee or two! I've also seen my friend Abi who I used to work with, we went for a yummy lunch at the Slug and Lettuce and then a wander around the shops. She's also given me some good ideas for some DIY, more creative posts so you'll have to out for those. Anyway on to the shopping.

I haven't been for a proper shop for ages, I did go early January with my family but it was so busy you just couldn't look at anything. Although it's a bit late now for sale shopping I did pick up quite a few bargains.

Firstly I went to Topshop where I picked up a lovely deep green belt with dark silver buckle for only £3 which I thought was a total bargain and a gold glitter dust eyeshadow that was also in the sale I thought would be good for some make up looks I want to try out. I can't find either of these online but you might still be able to find them in your local store.

I also went to Urban Outfitters and found this adorable phone case which I couldn't resist and also found this clear perspex box which sounds pretty boring. But in the lid its filled with a baby pink iridescent glitter and you can put a photo in, which I thought was quite sweet. Not sure what picture to put in it yet but I thought it would look nice on my drawers and I can store my most used things in it. Plus it was buy one get on free on all of there sale stock so I picked both of these up for a fiver!

Zara had massive reductions on a lot of there stock and I picked up a couple of t-shirts for only £3.99 I found this faded Leopard print one with simply No 1 which I thought would look nice with Jeans or leggings and this thin sweater like top with says Bonjour in silver writing.

I quickly popped into Primark to see what they had. There wasn't much that caught my eye except a fluffy jumper which has a high neck and is cropped with sleeves that finish just above the elbow. I thought this would be great to pair with patterned trousers or high waisted jeans. I picked up the black version as it was a safe option but there was also a pretty pale lilac colour one I quite liked so I may have to go back to pick that one up.

And for the beauty bits I went into Boots and picked up a Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning (link). I've wanted to try this for a while and lately I've got back into self tanning but I wanted something I could use on my face so I thought I'd give it a go. I also picked up a Benefit Watt's Up highlighter (link) which I've also wanted to try for a while but I've just never picked it up. Finally I went to Debenhams. I've wanted to try some Mac eyeshadows for a while I've just never really had a proper look on one of there counters but I finally picked up two Coppering which is like a burnt orange colour and Beauty Marked (link) which is a black shadow with a red shimmer to it. So I'm now the owner of two Mac eyeshadows!

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